Celebrities annual dinner


This year we organized the annual dinner in China Club restaurant to thank for last year effort and contribution from all of our staff. Fortunately, this year we successfully invited the famous artists, who are also our clients, Mr. Kenneth Tsang Kong and Mrs Tsang to join the event. We also invited Dr. Lam Kin [...]

Celebrities annual dinner2020-01-29T11:08:40+08:00

The first Live Streaming seminar on Facebook


We organized 4 health seminars in Jordan main branch during February and March this year. The topics were about the relationship between hearing loss, emotion, daily life and cognitive decline, and also the introduction for the new hearing aid products. For the seminars, except from the face to face seminar in our centre, we also [...]

The first Live Streaming seminar on Facebook2019-08-23T17:49:34+08:00

Three-Dimensional (3D) scanning, modeling and printing technology


In early 2019, Otic introduced the latest 3D scanning, modeling and 3D printing technology. The earmould and shell production has been changed from the hand-made production to the state-of-the-art computer-assisted production. 3D scanning The earmould technician will first scan the ear impression into a 3D image. Traditionally, the ear impression [...]

Three-Dimensional (3D) scanning, modeling and printing technology2019-08-23T18:07:35+08:00