Enjoy speech understanding
on par with normal hearing

Oticon’s newest hearing aid breaks the limits of what has previously been possible with hearing aids. Oticon Opn S™ is proven to give you even better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than our previous generation of hearing aids. So now, you can thrive and take active part in difficult listening situations, just like people with normal hearing*.

Oticon Opn S gives you a 360°sound experience

Comparing with Oticon Opn:

  • Improved 15% speech understanding
  • Reduced 10% listening effort
  • Increased memory recall

Traditional technology

  • Focuses on one speaker, suppresses all others.
  • Before Oticon Opn S most hearing aids coped with noise by restricting your focus to one sound source at a time, such as a person straight in front of you, while suppressing all other sounds.
  • However, background sounds often include important speech details. When these are not passed on to your brain, it becomes very difficult to follow the conversation and you become tired*.
  • By reducing sounds coming from around you – speech and noise alike – traditional hearing aids may give you an unnatural listening experience.

New technology

  • Opens up your world to embrace multiple speakers.
  • Now, new technology in Oticon Opn S lets you experience the benefits of hearing aids that open up your world. You’re able to hear more than one person speaking at a time, while the advanced noise reduction system helps further reduce your listening effort.
  • Oticon Opn S gives your brain access to the relevant sounds around you, putting you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on – and not your hearing aid.
  • The result is that you understand speech better, with less effort and you’ll find you can remember more of what people have said to you. This lets you keep up with and join in conversations — even in complex listening environments like a family dinner**.

Fast enough to support the brain

You don’t hear with your ears, you hear with your brain. That is why you need hearing aids that are fast enough to keep up with the brain. BrainHearing™ technology in Oticon Opn S scans the environment 100 times per second. This gives you constant access to 360° sounds to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

Oticon Opn S gives you proven BrainHearing benefits* :

  • Reduces your listening effort
  • Helps you remember more of what is being said
  • Gives you better speech understanding
  • Improves your ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers

Oticon Opn S breaks the law of physics,annoying whistling is a thing of the past

Feedback is an annoying whistle or static noise that occurs when sound from your hearing aids escapes and is amplified again. It usually happens when something comes close to your hearing aid, like when you hug someone, put your phone to your ear or even sit in a high-backed seat. It’s a problem that has been difficult to address – until now.

The breakthrough technology “Open Sound Optimizer” in Oticon Opn S stops feedback even before it occurs. This is quite a different approach to other hearings aids which can only deal with feedback once it happens – and not always well. But now, with Oticon Opn S, you can enjoy clear, stable, feedback-free sound.

Connect to your phone and devices Listen to music wirelessly, make hands-free phone calls, and more.

Oticon Opn S is more than a hearing aid – it’s a piece of wearable technology, one that makes it easier to connect to your favourite devices.


Introducing new rechargeable hearing aids A full day’s power. Every day.

It couldn’t be easier to start using the rechargeable miniRITE R – and forget about changing batteries. You simply seat them in their charger at night, and they will be fully charged in the morning for a full day of hearing, including streaming.

Here are the main benefits you will experience with rechargeable hearing aids:

  • Three-hour charging time for a full day of power, including streaming
  • Quick recharge – 30 minutes for an additional six hours of power
  • No hassle with disposable batteries
  • Easy-to-use, reliable and stylish charger
  • State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology