Help your brain with BrainHearing™ technology

Improving your hearing has many positive effects.Treating hearing loss is proven to improve people’s quality of life in many ways, including easier listening, improved understanding, and even better mentalhealth.*

Oticon hearing aids feature BrainHearing technology,which helps your brain understand sounds moreeasily.

* Source: Better Hearing Institute,

Seize the day with Oticon Siya

Oticon Siya hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sounds, so you canfocus in on every precious moment.

Oticon Siya gives you:

  • Superb sound quality
  • Easy wireless connectivity to devices
  • Many styles and accessories to choose from

Experience the riches in every moment

Oticon Siya has a powerful chip inside thatprocesses sound 50 times faster than the previous generation of hearing aids. This enables it to deliver excellent sound quality that helps improve your speech understanding.

Superb sound quality

Oticon Siya gives high-resolution sound, so it can capture the rich, natural details and reproduce the nuances in a comfortable way. The feature Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX helps you focus in on the sounds in front of you, by gradually shutting out other sounds when a situation
becomes very noisy. It adapts extremely quickly, making it easier for you to follow conversations in noisy environments, like a family dinner.

Effective noise reduction

Speech is much easier to understand without noise. That’s why Oticon Siya features Noise Reduction LX, which reduces noise extremely quickly. It’s so fast that it even reduces noise between words.

A choice of models and features

  • 5 colours to match your hair or skin
  • Invisible models
  • Rechargeable battery option
  • Tinnitus relief sounds
  • … and much more

Oticon Siya uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, which gives you cutting-edge wireless connectivity: higher quality streaming of sound, stereo music, and low battery consumption. With Oticon Siya, you can easily connect to a wide range of devices:

  • In your home: stream sound directly into your hearing aids from your TV, landline telephone, music player, tablet, computer, or radio
  • On the go: sync with your mobile devices, turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones that you can control with our easy-to-use Oticon ON App
  • Use a remote control or the Oticon ON App to regulate volume, change programmes, or simply turn off your hearing aids with complete discretion
  • The Oticon ON App gives access to the Internet of Things and HearingFitness™ technology – which measures your hearing aid use and provides insights you can use to optimise your hearing health
Siya 1 Siya 2
Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX
Single Compression LX
Noise Reduction LX
Speech RescueTM LX
Fitting Bandwidth 8k Hz 8k Hz
Frequency Channels 48 48
Transient Noise management
Feedback shield LX
Wind Noise Management
Tinnitus SoundSupportTM
Fitting Bands 10 8
Fitting Formulas NAL-NL1+2, DSL v5.0 NAL-NL1+2, DSL v5.0
Wireless streaming (2.4G Hz)*
Full wireless device compatibility*
Oticon ON APP
Rechargeable miniRITE option

* specific model only