About OTIC

We are a professional hearing health care organization that has the most advanced audiological equipment, as well as a team of highly experienced clinical specialists. We are committed in providing high quality hearing products and services such as hearing assessments, tinnitus evaluation, tinnitus retraining therapy and full range of hearing aids prescription for individuals who have hearing loss. We have 8 branches in total, and the covered areas include Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and as well as New Territories, aiming to provide more convenient locations for our customers. Otic’s business principle is and always will be, putting “People First”. We not only care about our business but also the community.


Our professional team

Our professional team consists of Clinical Audiologists, Audiology Technicians, Repair Technicians and Lab Technicians.

Our Centre Networks

We have 8 branches in total, scattered across Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories

Community Service

Otic Hearing and Speech Centre aims to take a proactive role in contributing and giving back to the community with good deeds by fully supporting Otic Foundation in organizing a variety of projects and activities to raise the awareness of and elicit the support from the general public to the speech and hearing impaired community

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