Free Online Hearing Screening

Most hearing losses occur gradually and almost always painless, making it difficult to detect at the beginning stage. Here comes a Self Hearing Test to check if your hearing is healthy.

If the result is Over 70%

The test shows that your hearing is fine and that the benefits of wearing an Oticon Hearing Device would be limited. For a more accurate result, we recommend you visit a Hearing Care Professional and get your hearing tested.

If the result is Lower than 70%

The test shows that you would b e probably suffered from hearing loss. You would improve your speech understanding from wearing an Oticon Hearing Device. We recommend you visit a Hearing Care Professional and get a hearing test done.

*Disclaimer: This test is a screening and is only to be used as an indication.
For more accurate measurement of your hearing abilities, please contact us for a professional hearing test.

Self Hearing Test Questionnaire

    Do people seem to mumble or speak in softer voice than they used to do?
    Do you have difficulty following conversation in noisy surroundings like in a restaurant or at a party?
    Do you find yourself asking people to repeat what they say?
    Do you find you have to turn up the volume on your TV so that others comment on its loudness?
    Do you sometimes avoid taking calls on the telephone because it is difficult to hear what people are asking?
    Do you have difficulty pinpointing the direction of where a sound is coming from?
    Has someone close to you mentioned that you may have an issue with your hearing?
    Do you feel you use a lot of effort just to follow everyday conversations?
    Do you feel you have to strain to hear everything that is said in a meeting?
    Do you feel that you are missing out on activities/events you used to enjoy due to problems with your hearing?
    Do you sometimes answer a question and realise afterwards that you did not understand the question correctly?
    Do you feel you must really concentrate to hear someone talk or whisper?