The hearing aid
that opens up

your child’s world

Better hearing starts with the brain

Better hearing starts with the brain. We hear with our brain, not our ears. Your child’s
ears capture sound while their brain processes it and turns it into meaning. Oticon’s BrainHearingTM technologies in Oticon Opn Play support the way your child’s brain naturally makes sense of sound.

When the world opens up
your child won’t miss out Exceptional access to sounds and opportunities to learn

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Introducing a breakthrough in hearing care for children

New Oticon Opn Play is powered by advanced revolutionary technology that opens up your child’s world like never possible before. With 360° access to sounds, they will have the right conditions to thrive and benefit from formal and incidental learning, even in complex learning environments. Oticon Opn Play represents a break with traditional technology that overloads young minds.

TraditionalHearing Aid Technology

  • Focus on one speaker only
  • close down sounds and restrict your child the opportunity to learn
  • Harder to focus and switch attention when needed
  • Prevent your child from following conversations with multiple speakers in a natural way, e.g., at schools or in classrooms

New Oticon Hearing Aid Technology

  • Give your child 360º access to the world
  • Better speech understanding, help your child differentiate between meaningful sound and irrelevant, disturbing sound
  • Support incidental learning by giving your child access to multiple speakers in the environment
  • Reduce listening effort
  • More capacity to remember

Oticon Opn Play
Prevents annoying feedback before it occurs

With Oticon Opn Play, innovative and breakthrough technology prevents feedback before it occurs without compromising amplification. As well as not having to worry about annoying ‘squeals’,+ your child will benefit from up to 25% more speech details# which are essential to language development. They can participate freely in activities they love and their fun will not be hampered by annoying whistling sounds.

  • * Ng 2017, Oticon Whitepaper
  • + Based on best fitting practice
  • # Speech intelligibility index. ANSI S3.5

Connecting your child to the world

Oticon Opn Play is much more than a hearing aid – it’s a connection to the modern world around them. Through a wide range of Bluetooth™ connection options your child can use their hearing aids to connect with their everyday electronics and enhance communication around them.