Oticon Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Selection and Fitting Process at OTIC

An audiologist will first evaluate your hearing condition
Conduct a hearing test to assess the nature and degree of hearing loss
Based on the results and your hearing needs, we will recommend different options of suitable hearing aid models
Regularly follow-up on the client’s progress of hearing aid use and hearing level every 6 months, in case of any problems encountered during use or if any adjustments are needed
After hearing aid trial, our specialists will adjust the hearing aid accordingly to ensure comfort for the user
Clients can try the hearing aid for 1-week FREE* at home to experience the effects in their everyday environments
*Please contact us for more details

1st appointment

The first appointment will last around 2 hours. It will begin with a hearing test conducted by our hearing care professionals. Along with the hearing test result, your personal preference, expectations and communication needs will be discussed in the appointment. This information will help our hearing care professionals to pull together some hearing aid options for you to review and trial. If you proceed to purchase the hearing aids, a deposit will be needed on the day. Ear impressions will also be taken at the end of the appointment to make earmoulds or ear shell.

2nd appointment

In about a week’s time, your hearing aids will be ready. Our hearing care professionals will adjust and fine-tune the hearing aids to make sure it is set appropriately for your hearing loss. In this appointment, you and your family members will learn about the hearing aids – how to insert and remove them, and also how to clean and maintain them. The rest of the balance will be paid in this appointment. Now, you can take your hearing aids home and experience them in real life.  

3rd appointment

In about 2 weeks’ time, we would like to welcome you back for a follow-up appointment. The purpose of the appointment is to discuss the use of the hearing aids in the past weeks and do some fine-adjustment according to your listening experience. If you are unsatisfied with your hearing aids experience, a refund could be arranged.

Otic Hearing and Speech Center
is the exclusive Hong Kong distributor of Oticon hearing aids (imported from Denmark)

Styles of Our Brand’s
Hearing Aids

The type of hearing aid you need to buy in Hong Kong depends on your age, manual dexterity, ear conditions, degree of hearing loss, cosmetic preference and lifestyle. The best way to select the right hearing aid is to get guidance from your local hearing experts.

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Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

Brain Hearing Technology Supporting the Brain

It’s our brain that hears, not our ears. Our ears and brain form an intricate system that works in tandem together. Our ears funnel information into the hearing system and our brain processes the information into sound and meaning. The exclusive BrainHearing™ technology of the Oticon hearing aid brand helps you:

  • Pinpoint the sounds that you wish to hear
  • Understand speech with less hearing effort
  • Enjoy a more dynamic and natural soundscape
  • Help shift your attention from hearing one sound to another

Sound travels from your ears to your brain's hearing center, where there are two subsystems: The orient subsystem and the focus subsystem. These constantly work together to help you understand the sound scene around you.

1: The orient subsystem constantly scans your surroundings to create a full overview of the sound scene.

2: The focus subsystem helps you select which sounds to listen to and which sounds to switch your attention to—while the irrelevant sounds are filtered out.

From here, sound is used by other brain centers including for memory and emotions.

Oticon Hearing Aid with intelligent microchip to use a groundbreaking new technology: a Deep Neural Network (DNN). This mimics how the brain works and has learned to recognize all kinds of sounds in fine detail – so it knows how they should ideally sound.

Moresound Intelligence™
A Quantum Leap in Sound Scene Processing

Representing the pinnacle in hearing aid technology, Oticon More hearing aids are armed with MoreSound Intelligence™, which effectively captures and optimizes sounds. This provides the benefit of hearing a more complete sound scene, where individual sounds stand out in clear contrast to each other.

Deep Neural Network (DNN)

The intelligent DNN in our hearing aid is designed to successfully mimic the human brain. It handles sounds based on the experience and training it has received. This means that Oticon More brand of hearing aids have the ability to make sounds more distinct, and work seamlessly across various surrounding environments. Oticon More is programmed to differentiate all types of sounds, their details, and how they should ideally sound – all in order to optimally assist the human brain. The DNN in Oticon More our hearing aid is so much more than just a standard Artificial Intelligence software, rather it is a unique and dedicated hearing aid solution, developed for use in daily life.

Hearing Aid Technologies Comparison


Traditional Hearing Aid Technology

  • Focus on one speaker only
  • Suppress all others to deliver a clear hearing signal
  • Harder to focus and switch attention when needed
  • Prevent you from following conversations with multiple speakers in a natural way

New Oticon Hearing Aid Technology

  • Provide access to 360˚ degrees of sound
  • Increase the signal-to-noise ratio, rapidly remove noise for a comfortable hearing experience
  • Continually adjust and balance all sounds around you
  • Better speech understanding, let you hear clearly different people talking at the same time
  • Reduce hearing effort
  • More capacity to remember

It’s More Than a Hearing Aid

Embrace Your Life with Our Brand’s High-tech Hearing Technology

Just by swiping your finger, you can control your hearing aids from your Android or iOS smartphone without the need for any additional hardware. Our newest hearing aids feature TwinLink™ Technology (NearField Binaural Communication Technology and 2.4 GHz Technology). NearField Binaural Communication Technology enables faster and better binaural processing; and with the use of 2.4 GHz Technology, your hearing aids could be turned into a stereo headset.

You can change hearing programs, volume, and even adjust tinnitus settings on our hearing aid. You can select from a wide range of customizable tinnitus relief sounds that are dynamic, yet soothing — including broadband sounds (white, pink and red noise) and natural, ocean-like sounds for tinnitus hearing relief. You can also connect your hearing aids in Hong Kong with other internet-connected devices and our wireless accessories. A touch is all it takes!

More Freedom - Oticon SmartCharger Enabling Users to Charge on the Go

The new travel-friendly SmartCharger keeps clients’ hearing aids powered up, dry and protected

  • Charges hearing aids in 3 hours for a full day of power including streaming
  • 30-minute quick charge provides six hours of power
  • Modern design for travel with a protective lid
  • Drying function

Take Control with Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Boasting the patented Tinnitus SoundSupport™ feature, Oticon hearing aids allow you to mitigate the effects of tinnitus by playing a wide range of relief sounds, like hearing white noise and soothing ocean-like sounds. By hearing different types of calming sounds, it becomes easier to shift your attention away from the tinnitus sound. You can discreetly control the sounds in your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App for iPhone and Android. 

What’s more, you can wirelessly stream alternative tinnitus relief hearing options, such as your favorite music, moving your attention away from the ringing or buzzing in their ears when in very quiet surroundings Hearing aids not only improve your speech understanding, but also act as a sound generator to help you manage tinnitus.

Awards Won by the OTICON Brand

UBS Evidence Lab is the world's most authoritative market research organization, which regularly collects data and analyses various products. Every year, UBS Surveys arranges visits to more than 500 audiologists in the United States to collect and evaluate a series of factors for their recommended hearing aid brands and products, and from their professional point of view, evaluate the performance of different brands of hearing aids.

Celebrity User Review - Bowie Woo

After waring Oticon latest in-the-ear hearing aid, let's see what does Bowie Woo say.

OTIC Hearing Aids User Review

Mr.Yip - 3 Years Oticon Hearing Aid User

OTIC Hearing Aids User Review

Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) Hearing Aid User Sharing – Unilateral deafness gets a second chance to have better overall hearing!

How to deal with Hearing Problem
and Fit a suitable Hearing Aid

About OTIC Hearing Aids - FAQs:

No. It is advisable to have completed a proper hearing test before being fitted with a hearing aid. The audiogram result from our test will be used for the prescription formula of your Oticon digital hearing aids.

Yes. Having your Oticon hearing aids regularly serviced will ensure optimum performance as well as the long term usability of the hearing aids, which we provide free of cost at least every 6 months as part of your continuing care package as our hearing aid user and client.

Yes. You will be able to control the Oticon hearing aids and adjust to varying environmental situations using the Oticon ON app on your mobile phone. The functions on the buttons of the Oticon hearing aids can also be pre-set to your specific needs and hearing preferences.

No. When you decide to purchase and be fitted with Oticon hearing aids, you have the options of either the rechargeable-battery models or the disposable-battery models. Our hearing care staff will discuss the hearing aid options comprehensively with you during hearing consultation so that you can select the right model for you.

Yes. Oticon hearing aids have MFI (made for iPhone) connectivity, and the newer hearing aid models can now connect to android mobile phones, including the newer 5G mobile phone models. The functionality of our hearing aid extends to phone conversations, audio streaming when watching videos, and when in video and audio conferencing, and other functions. Oticon’s robust Research and Development also future-proof the newer Oticon hearing aid models, such as for 6G mobile phone connectivity so that your hearing is properly cared for in the long term.