PREMIUM Technology More

A hearing aid designed to support your brain.

New BrainHearing™ technology with Deep Neural Network (DNN) which is powered by the the new Polaris™ platform.

PREMIUM Technology Opn S

Oticon breaks a law of physics, enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing

PAEDIATRICS Technology Opn Play

Opn Play is a 360° comprehensive Hearing Aid for Children. With the brand new Velox S Chips, and using the Open Sound Navigator and the new OpenSound Optimizer™(OSO) technology, it can improve the speech understanding and the ability to study for children.

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ADVANCED Technology Ruby

Great sound quality with BrainHearing™ technology which is powered by the brand new Velox S™ platform.

ESSENTIAL Technology Ria2

Excellent sound quality for easier hearing. Ria2 is powered by Inium sound processing chip which enables Ria2 to process a huge range of different sounds to helps you understand conversations better, even in noisy environments.

SUPERPOWER Technology Xceed

Developed for people with severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon Xceed hearing aids provide users the ever highest output of 146 dB SPL. The superb technology works to deliver more speech details than ever before, so that you can understand more and stay in the conversation.

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Oticon CROS

Designed specifically to help individuals with Single-sided deafness (SSD)

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