Wireless Connectivity and Accessories

It is simple to control your hearing aids and turn them into wireless headphones with our wireless accessories:
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TV and Audio Adapter

Helps to transmit sounds from a TV or from other electronic audio devices to hearing aids.

(needs to be used together with Oticon Streamer Pro and/or Oticon wireless hearing aids)


Phone Adaptor

Enables you to communicate wirelessly with a phone conversation partner via a landline phone.

(needs to be used together with Oticon ConnectClip or Oticon Streamer Pro and Oticon wireless hearing aids)

Oticon On App

You can adjust volume, change programmes, or simply turn off your hearing aids with complete discretion. The App also gives you access to HearingFitness™ technology, which measures your hearing aid use and provides insights you can use to optimise your hearing health.

(only applicable to Oticon wireless hearing aids)

Remote Control

You can adjust volume, change programmes, or simply mute your hearing aids
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ConnectClip and Streamer Pro

You can make hands-free phone calls, stream music, serve as a remote microphone, or use as a remote control

Other Accessories

Personal BlueTooth Microphone

Oticon’s state-of-the-art Personal BlueTooth Microphone Systems provide the portable solutions for the hearing-impaired people to improve the communication in the certain situations, such as classrooms, business meetings and restaurants.

(only applicable to Oticon wireless hearing aids)


(only applicable mini RITE style with specific models hearing aids)
The SmartCharger contains a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that doubles as a power bank. This lets you fully charge a pair of hearing aids a minimum of three times on a fully-charged power bank while you are on-the-go.