Confidence Guarantee - One-stop Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance Service

Confidence Guarantee – One-stop Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance Service

Hearing aids are expected to have a life span of three to five years, which can be affected by personal habits, environmental conditions, and daily usage. Hearing aids repair and maintenance include two years of limited warranty and loaner service during repair and maintenance. Extended warranty plans are also available

Routine cleaning and checking

It is recommended to have routine hearing aids check-up every six months, including cleaning, basic listening check, hearing tests and hearing aid adjustments for the best sound quality. If hearing faults are found, full inspection is recommended and repair may be needed.

Repair and extended warranty plan

Hearing aids include two years of limited warranty; including inspection labor costs and parts. If you want to continue to enjoy full protection after the limited warranty period, you are advised to purchase an extended warranty plan: one-year-plan or two-year-plan. The warranty of each hearing aid can only be extended once; and it needs to be purchased within the warranty period. Please check with the hearing specialist for details and fees.

Hearing aid loaner service

In order to avoid the inconvenience caused during the maintenance, we offer loaner hearing aid during the repair and maintenance service. For details, please contact your hearing specialist (The loaner hearing aid might be different from the hearing aid model/style you have; and you might also need to pay for deposit of the loaner hearing aid).

Dos & Dont’s With Your Hearing Aids


  • Keep your hearing aid clean by wiping it with a soft and clean cloth every day
  • Make sure that there is no earwax in any of the earmould openings


  • Take out your hearing aids before applying hairspray
  • Wipe the hearing aid immediately with a dry cloth if hearing aid gets exposed to sweat
  • Schedule appointment with your hearing professionals for hearing aid cleaning and checking regularly
  • Always have repairs carried out by a specialist
  • Replace parts as needed


  • Avoid sharp knocks and impact
  • Open the battery compartment or remove the battery from the battery compartment when hearing aid is not in use
  • Keep the hearing aid in the dry-aid kit away from humidity
  • Keep the hearing aid battery dry
  • Hearing aid must never be exposed to extreme heat e.g. Left inside a parked car in the sun
  • Do not wear the hearing aid during swimming or bathing