The outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues to escalate in Hong Kong. As a responsible and professional healthcare provider, patients and our people’s health and safety are always our priorities. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 related situation announced by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) and offer the following enhanced infection control measures.

1. The protection to our patients in our clinic

We conduct temperature checks and health screenings for patients, clients and visitors arriving at the clinics. Patients, clients and visitors are also required to use alcohol hand rub and put on surgical masks upon arrival. We would not provide services to anyone who are experiencing a fever or who are not willing to put on a surgical mask. When an individual is found fulfilling the reporting criteria of “Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent”, we will isolate the suspected case and transfer the suspected case to public hospital for further investigation.

2. The protection to our medical staff in our clinic

Our people’s health and safety are always our priorities. All of our staff have implemented travel declaration and wear masks and appropriate protective equipment. We also maintain close communications with our staff to protect their health and wellbeing needs.

3. The high standard infection control measures at our clinic

We perform daily and regular cleaning of clinical areas such as the reception area, waiting area, doctor’s consultation rooms and door handles. We would closely monitor the performance of cleaning to ensure the environment has been cleaned appropriately.

Patients and our people’s health and safety are always our priorities. We are ready to face this health challenge together with the public. For more information, please visit our website at or follow our facebook page.