Excellent sound quality for easier hearing

Oticon Ria2 hearing aids offer excellent sound quality and preserve sounds in their natural forms. The main thing that makes life with hearing loss tiring is the sheer effort of listening. Your brain receives fewer and weaker sound signals, therefore you have to concentrate much harder to understand. The key to Ria2‛s excellent sound quality is the tiny but extremely powerful Inium sound processing chip. This enables Ria2 to process a huge range of different sounds, sending more information of high quality to your brain. This helps you understand conversations easier and better, even in noisy environments.

Excellent sound quality for easier hearing

Oticon Ria2, our hearing aid in the essential category, offers excellent sound quality with basic directionality and noise management. Different styles are available for different needs of users.

Ria2 – Essential hearing technology shaped for life

Brain Hearing Technology – Technology supporting the brain
Your ears work together to locate where sound is coming from and to help you choose what to listen to. They pick up sounds and send them to your brain for interpretation. When you have a hearing loss, you need hearing aids to help you pick up the information contained in sounds before they reach the brain. The more detailed the information your brain receives, the easier it is for you to identify and understand what you have just heard.

Ria2 – 主要功能

Free Focus Essential:

Focus your hearing on what is important with directionality. Ria2 features 3 different focus modes so you can have the best possible speech understanding with the least effort required.

Inium Feedback Shield

Oticon’s advanced feedback shield gives freedom from whistling and artificial sounds. The feedback shield efficiently prevents howling, even in difficult situations, without compromising the sound quality or level of sound.

Tinnitus Sound Support:
(only in Ria2 Pro)

The newly launched Oticon Ria2 Pro hearing aids embodied Tinnitus Sound Support, a feature specifically designed for patients with tinnitus.A comprehensive sound generator was introduced with numerous adjustable sound options to choose from, and . With this feature, suitable users could get help on speech understanding and tinnitus relief simultaneously.

Oticon Ria2 provided different styles: Behind-The-Ear(BTE), mini Receiver-In-The-Ear (mini RITE), and various In-The-Ear (ITE) styles. Our hearing consultant will help you choose the style that most suits your needs.

The easy way to stay connected

ConnectLine Streamer transforms your hearing aids into a wireless headset to let you connect to the devices you need, without compromising sound quality. Ask your hearing care professional to demonstrate ConnectLine for you.

STREAMER PRO can connect with the devices below:

Landline Phone
Smart Phone
Musical Device
Office Phone
Remote Control
Teleloop System
Ria2 Pro
Personal Profiles
Fitting Bandwidth
8k Hz
8k Hz
Fitting bands
Inium feedback shield
Free Focus
Tinnitus Sound Support
Automatic Adaptation Manager