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Celebrities Sharing – Artist Mr. Kenneth Tsang Kong

Kenneth Tsang Kong, a Hong Kong actor whose career has spanned 50 years and included a variety of acting roles, noticed that his hearing sensitivity of both ears had been deteriorating gradually in early years. Hearing deterioration not only affected his acting career, but also slowly affected his quality of life. It was a coincidence that he knew about Otic, and decided to be fit with a pair of hearing aids for both ears in our centre. With the use of hearing aids, Mr. Tsang could live a normal life like other normal hearing people do. However, sometimes it is not possible to wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid during filming. In order to hear clearly the instructions from the director and other staff, Mr. Tsang always wants a smaller in-the-ear hearing aid. Brand [...]

Celebrities Sharing – Artist Mr. Bowie Wu Fung

Bowie Wu Fung, a Hong Kong actor who began his acting career in 1950s, noticed a gradual deterioration of hearing sensitivity especially in recent years. Wu reported that he found it difficult to hear daily conversations. His friends referred him to us for hearing aid consultation. Hearing aid options and his communication needs were discussed. Binaural amplification was recommended for Wu to facilitate his speech reception ability. After wearing the hearing aids, Wu found that it was much easier for him to communicate with others. He did not need to ask people to repeat themselves. Wu said, “A lot of people misunderstands what a hearing aid truly is. They think it’s a noisy ugly thing. In fact, today's hearing aids have evolved and have lots of different styles for users to choose. They are much [...]