Celebrities Sharing Artist Mr. Bowie Wu Fung

Bowie Wu Fung, a Hong Kong actor who began his acting career in 1950s, noticed a gradual deterioration of hearing sensitivity especially in recent years. Wu reported that he found it difficult to hear daily conversations. His friends referred him to us for hearing aid consultation. Hearing aid options and his communication needs were discussed. Binaural amplification was recommended for Wu to facilitate his speech reception ability.
After wearing the hearing aids, Wu found that it was much easier for him to communicate with others. He did not need to ask people to repeat themselves. Wu said, “A lot of people misunderstands what a hearing aid truly is. They think it’s a noisy ugly thing. In fact, today’s hearing aids have evolved and have lots of different styles for users to choose. They are much smaller in size and easy to operate, some hearing aid models are not easily seen by others. When I hang out with friends, I can’t find any problem at all!” Please seek consultation as soon as possible if you feel your hearing levels drop!

“How to protect your hearing”

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises
  • If exposure to noisy environment is inevitable at work, please wear hearing protectors such as earmuffs and earplugs. Arrange regular rest and regular alternation in work position if possible
  • Listening at a high volume for a long time may damage your hearing
  • Don’t clean your ears with cotton buds. This can hurt your ears.
  • Periodic audiological evaluation is recommended to monitor hearing sensitivity
  • Early intervention (i.e., wearing hearing aid as soon as possible) is recommended after seeking consultation from your healthcare professionals
  • Binaural amplification is recommended if both ears have hearing loss
  • Binaural amplification helps to prevent auditory deprivation